Vertically integrated property management.

  • We maintain and enhance properties through multiple life cycles.
  • We grow property value through strategic reinvestment.
  • By working with JBC development, our best-in-class property management adds value before construction begins.

As leaders in developing and investing, we bring multi-faceted perspective to property management. By providing consulting early in the development phase, we can optimize a project’s functionality and value. And our superlative amenity packages create unparalleled office experiences–and deliver the highest level of service to our tenants.

Currently Under Management

Currently Under Management


Building management affects occupancy. And our occupancy rates are exceptional.

Real property value is a function of maximizing operating income, so why risk hiring someone to devalue your property? JBC has a proven record of growing revenue streams by identifying new profit opportunities, increasing retention, and keeping tenants happy. We tailor our best-in-class management services and thoughtful short- and long-range planning expertise to each owner’s objectives. The bigger the obstacles, the more we can help. We manage complex facilities and add value by utilizing internal resources to solve complex real estate challenges.

Attracting premiere tenants is the best way to increase value.

The John Buck Company consistently attracts and retains an impressive cross-section of the largest, most well-respected office tenants to our projects.
Here are some of our leading tenants, with links to the buildings they occupy.

1 North Wacker

35 West Wacker

We don’t just manage buildings, we enhance investments.

We believe building management extends beyond delivering a positive experience to our tenants and their employees. Great management increases the value of every real estate investment. Our vertically integrated team improves everything from staff development to assessing enhancement opportunities. We share the forward-thinking perspective of developers instead of thinking solely in terms of “maintenance.” Our advanced planning during early development led to Realcomm recognizing 151 North Franklin as the “Most Intelligent Office Building” in 2019.

Improving buildings? There’s an app for that.

And when there isn’t, we develop it ourselves. We partnered with Environmental Systems Design, Inc. to develop COHESION: a cloud-based platform that automates typical building/occupant interactions. With COHESION, everything from entry access, service requests, visitor management, amenity reservations, and parking happens via a single smartphone app. Still, no technology can replace top-tier lobby staff and high-touch personnel to create a truly memorable experience.

We collaborate even before there’s a building to manage.

We develop our own research on future tenant needs and emerging tech-based enhancements. By anticipating marketplace trends three years out, our team brings insights to our architectural partners, helping them design what’s next. This is not the same as buying research; JBC’s vertical integration brings more value and better returns to our clients and tenants.

Recent Property Ownership & Management Awards


“The Outstanding Building of the Year” (TOBY)

in the

Historic Building Category


The Rookery



Deal of the Year


Park Tower Facebook Lease

The San Francisco Business Times

Hospitality Project of the Year Award


155 North Wacker



Excellence in Engineering Award


225 West Washington



Kingsley Excellence Award


MILA Chicago


“Most Valuable Engineer”


The Rookery

Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings Initiative Awards

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