Whether funds or direct investment, JBC builds exceptional returns. For everyone.

  • Our five funds averaged a 1.8x gross equity multiple and a 21.5% gross property IRR.
  • Opportunities include both GP capital funds and direct LP capital investment.
  • JBC principals join investors as sponsors for every project, ensuring our interests are aligned.
Consistent success through market cycles demands strategic discipline. We uncover opportunities in developed cities by targeting submarkets catering to innovation, growth, and high quality of life. For institutional direct investors, our projects consistently achieve yields far exceeding prevailing stabilized cap rates for link-kind assets.

Through two decades of turbulent markets, our five fully invested funds averaged a 1.8x gross equity multiple and a 21.5% gross property IRR.

Now on our sixth institutional investment fund, we have committed over $794 million of private and institutional capital to 39 investments, representing more than $6.8 billion of real estate.

Together, these funds have enabled the development or repositioning of 32 million square feet of office space, 8 million square feet of urban mixed-use projects, and the construction of 4,436 new residential units.

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Porte Apartments, Chicago developed as part of Fund V

Disciplined strategic development.

Despite our high standards and collaborations with world class architects, everyone at JBC knows exactly who the final boss is on any project: the budget. Careful planning ensures we build both exceptional projects and desirable returns for our capital investors.

Domestic or global, ground up construction or extensive renovation, The John Buck Company continually develops a pipeline of attractive opportunities for LP investment.

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151 North Franklin developed with Morgan Stanley PPF in 2018

The JBC investment team.

Our professionals are experienced, proven caretakers of investment capital who operate within JBC’s vertically integrated platform. That means they work with our in-house team of experts who bring a breadth of complimentary experience and knowledge to generate efficiencies for our operating platform, from the property level to the fund level.

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We keep good company.

JBC has structured joint ventures with a variety of prestigious equity partners, including Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, life insurance companies, pension funds, and private equity funds.

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